Which Platform Should Be Your Advertising Priority?

Attractive woman uses ohone with social media reaction bubbles rising

What do you do first when you unlock your phone?

Man checks emails on laptop. Adobe Stock

What is your average screen time?

Woman uses laptop in office Adobe Stock

How often do you post on social media?

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How many unread emails do you have?

Man on phone in office Edmond Dantès on Pexels

What is your usual news source?

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Who is your target audience?

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How many friends do you have on facebook?

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Which Platform Should Be Your Advertising Priority?

LinkedIn logo

Professional is your priority, so it makes sense that Linkedin is the marketplace for you. You want to align yourself with like-minded individuals, so focusing your advertising in Linkedin will provide you with meaningful connections and ultimate success. (Logo property of LinkedIn)

Facebook logo

Everyone and their mother are on Facebook, so this is a great platform to gain a lot of reach. Utilizing Facebook ads is the best way you can reach your ideal market, so hop on board and watch your business boom. (Logo property of Facebook)

Instagram logo

You value eye-catching images and beautiful color palettes, so Instagram is the perfect place for you. Use your creative eye and knowledge of the market to create advertisements that captivate your audience. (Logo property of Instagram)

TikTok logo

Like many others, you have a short attention span, so using a short-video format for advertising is perfect for you. Create catchy content and allow others to scroll upon your video without even knowing it was an ad. (Logo property of TikTok)

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