Which Leadership Book Should You Read Next?

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What goal are you most interested in focusing on?

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Which category of books are you most interested in?

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Have you been recently assigned a role where your level of leadership has increased?

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Which leadership book should you read next?
Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

Talking to Strangers

This is a great book that is filled with examples and knowledge that can help a reader refine their social skills and become more confident in how they assess and judge others.
How Successful People Lead by John C. Maxwell

How Successful People Lead

For the leader who just simply wants to learn how to become a better leader. This book helps you take leadership a step beyond a mere title, and to inspire and invest in people.
Get Out Of Your Head by Jennie Allen

Get Out of Your Head

For the leader who wants to focus on leading their own life. (photo: Jennie Allen)
The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Art of War

This book can be perfect for the recently inspired leader, or the leader who was just recently put in charge of people. It can also be a book to come back to, time and time again.