What’s the Best Way for You To Wake Up in the Morning?

Woman playfully prepares to strike sleeping man with pillow

Which option sounds most relatable to your situation, when it comes to oversleeping in the AM?

Attractive woman sleeping Cottonbro on Pexels

Which option best describes what you are most receptive to waking up to?

Man yelling into megaphone Sora Shimazaki on Pexels

Once one alarm goes off, what is your goal for how long it then takes you to wake up?

Man prepares for the day Andrew Neel on Pexels

How many alarms do you typically set for the morning?

Woman sleeping in the morning Claudio Scott on Pixabay

What Is the Best Way for You To Wake Up in the Morning?
A standing alarm clock

Standing alarm clock

This standing alarm clock forces you to get up and get moving! By positioning your feet on it like a rug, it will turn off, and then once you’re up, you can start your day! Photo source: Amazon.com
Vibrating alarm clock

Vibrating alarm clock

This alarm clock is EXTRA loud, and it also has a vibrational component to it, so it will help shake you awake, just in case you are notoriously known for sleeping through the sound of an alarm. Photo source: Amazon.com
The nature alarm clock that slowly wakes someone who normally presses snooze

Nature alarm clock

If you’re one of those people who sets alarms early in order to seriously, mentally prepare for waking yourself up, then this alarm might be ideal for you. The light and sound coming out of the alarm increase in both brightness and loudness, as it moves towards the time you need to get up at. Photo source: Amazon.com
A loud sounding alarm

Extra loud alarm clock

This alarm clock has a two-feature function to it, in that it has an incredibly loud sound, and a shaking feature, so that even in your deepest of slumbers, you will not miss it going off! Photo source: Amazon.com