VOSS Plus: Hydration with Purpose

Water moving in more water

MP recently caught up with VOSS Water, which recently released its new line of VOSS+ waters. These include VOSS + Collagen, VOSS + Vitamin D, and VOSS + Aquamin, which are now available at now on Amazon and at select CVS, Safeway & Wal-Mart Stores.

VOSS+ Water Collection
Photo courtesy of VOSS Water

MP: VOSS Water is known as one of the world’s most premium waters, previously offering both still and sparkling options. What was the reasoning behind VOSS +?

VW: The VOSS+ series of enhanced water innovations are designed to help support the active lifestyles of our consumers and tap into their pursuit of health and wellness – both trends that became even more sought out during the pandemic. We wanted to help them look and feel their best, by helping them meet their daily vitamin, mineral and hydration needs. By offering unique and meaningful ingredients along with outstanding taste and the iconic VOSS bottle, VOSS+ provides an exceptional experience.

VOSS+ Collagen
Photo courtesy of VOSS Water

MP: VOSS + Collagen supports healthy skin. Why does VOSS Water think collagen support is necessary daily?

VW: Do you know that the body starts to lose collagen as early as in our 20’s? Since collagen supports healthy, hydrated, and youthful skin, it’s really never too soon to start thinking about how to replenish.  And we saw an opportunity to help offer this benefit in a unique way. VOSS+ Collagen is infused with 10g of collagen protein. Combined with the berry essence natural flavor, we believe it’s the most delicious option out there.

VOSS+ Vitamin D
Photo courtesy of VOSS Water

MP: VOSS + Vitamin D seems like a solid option given that most people around the world have been locked inside their homes for the better part of the last year, missing the sunlight exposure necessary to maintain healthy Vitamin D levels. Was this considered when VOSS + Vitamin D was being developed?

VW: Even before COVID-19, 40% of adults in the US were deficient in Vitamin D – and we were well on our way of developing this offering. This deficiency was likely exacerbated during the pandemic, and we are pleased to have a unique offering to help our consumers.

VOSS+ Aquamin
Photo courtesy of VOSS Water

MP: VOSS + Aquamin provides drinkers with trace amounts of minerals and electrolytes. Minerals are often forgotten in healthy diets. What minerals are included in this water and why?

VW: The compound is unique mix of over 74 minerals and electrolytes from a natural marine source in Iceland. VOSS+ Aquamin helps support rehydration after exercise.

MP: VOSS + bottles seem to elevate VOSS’ color palette to bold and bright colors. What was the reasoning behind each bottle’s color?

VW: Great question and insight. We looked to both distinguish these bottles from our other VOSS items as well as to reflect the benefits they provide.  The yellow of VOSS+ Vitamin D represents the sun, the rose gold for VOSS+ Collagen the elegance and glow that can be reflected in ourselves when we feel our best, and the deep blue of VOSS+ Aquamin reflects the optimal hydration the water helps provide.