Top 9 Affiliate Platforms for Startups

Affiliate marketing concept

Affiliate platforms have been helping businesses and freelancers for many years. Since the pandemic hit, approaching their target audience has been challenging. These programs help you reach out to your target audience and increase your network. Luckily, some affiliate platforms can help you. Here are the top seven affiliate platforms you should consider using.

sovrn affiliate
Screenshot of Sovrn’s website

1. Sovrn

Are you looking to monetize your content and website? Sovrn has earned a reputation by efficiently working with merchants. Sovrn was founded in 2014 has been growing since.

Sovrn has one of the lowest payout thresholds in the market. Sovrn offers one of the best advertising and marketing tools and helps thousands of content creators grow their businesses.

cj affiliate
Screenshot of CJ Affiliate’s website

2. CJ Affiliate

One of the biggest affiliate platforms in the market, CJ Affiliate has been successful in helping small business promote their products and offers. CJ Affiliate has been in the affiliate industry for over two decades. Since then, they have been proved the best choice for startups.

Screenshot of ClickBank’s website

3. ClickBank

Creating a user base of around six million worldwide, ClickBank has turned into a giant organization in the affiliate industry. However, the commission rates of ClickBank are a bit higher compared to other affiliate platforms. Many new businesses love using it due to the straightforward process of this platform.

flex offers
Screenshot of Flex Offers’ website

4. Flex Offers

Designing over 12000 affiliate programs, Flex Offers has a robust network in the industry. Flex Offers is connected to over 500 advertisers globally, and that would help your business find products that match your forte. The unique feature of Flex Offers is that you can change the strategy of your affiliate program.

If one strategy doesn’t work in your favor, you can change it and see the change. Flex Offers adds new 50 advertisers every day to your program.

rakuten affiliate
Screenshot of Rakuten’s website

5. Rakuten

Once known as Rakuten Marketing, Rakuten Advertising is one of the best professional affiliate programs to fulfill your advertising requirements. Rakuten has over 150,000 publishers and merchants associated with it. This platform is perfectly user-friendly and has a simple dashboard for you to use.

amazon associates
Screenshot of Amazon Associates’ website

6. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the advanced and prominent affiliate platforms for startups. If you are looking for monetization tactics, consider using Amazon Associates. They also provide online tutorials and videos available for you to help your business generate more revenue.

avangate affiliate
Screenshot of Avangate’s website

7. Avangate Affiliate Network

Avangate Affiliate Network has been working on digital goods and software. This platform has foreseen the arising need for digital goods, which is why they only work on digital goods. Using Avangate, you will get be given access to over 22,000 software.  This unique software helps small business grow their digital network.

ebay partner network
Screenshot of eBay Partner Network’s website

8. eBay Partner Network

Earning a commission for promoting eBay`s listing has become easier by using eBay Partner Network. This platform gives you access to their huge selection of various products. It offers the lowest payout in the industry and can be helpful for new businesses.

fiverr affiliate
Screenshot of fiverr affiliates’ website

9. Fiverr

Fiverr is now the leading platform for freelancers. By using Fiverr, you are offered exciting opportunities     to earn commission by referring services. Fiverr uses one of the best software for their affiliate program and makes it easier for startups by providing video tutorials.

Final Words

These are the top nine affiliate platforms that can help your business earn more.