Top 7 Free Team Messaging Platforms

Concept of a team chat app

Effective communication between all the team members is extremely important to run a successful business. Normal consumer-facing applications such as WhatsApp don’t work as effectively when it comes to business communications. This is where the team messaging platforms come in. There are multiple options present that you can choose from, and if you’re a small business running on a tight budget, there are applications available for free. To find out more about team messaging platform applications that are free to use, read below.

Slack app
Screenshot of Slack’s website

1. Slack

Launched back in 2013, Slack was one of the first team messaging applications that set the ball rolling for the others. This application works by organizing the conversations into channels based on different topics. For example, one of the channels could be for the marketing team and another for the sales discussion. It has the feature of “Slackbot” as well, which is a bot that can help you figure out how to use this application.

Zoom app
Screenshot of Zoom’s website

2. Zoom

Zoom, a video conferencing software recently grew in popularity that has various features that make it one of the most used applications. You can use Zoom for holding video calls, which can record it as well, sending group messages, webinars, online classes, and much more.

Microsoft Teams app
Screenshot of Microsoft Teams’ webpage on Microsoft’s website

3. Microsoft Teams

Many organizations use Microsoft Office to complete their tasks, so if your company is one of them, Microsoft Teams would be a good choice to keep up with your employees. The free version allows you to have one-on-one conversations and create channels for conversations on specific projects. The best part about this application is that you can use PowerPoint, Excel sheets, and Microsoft word within it.

Twist app
Screenshot of Twist’s website

4. Twist

If you’re looking for a more formal application for communication, then you can utilize Twist as this is the type of app that gives more of an email app feel. Like in Slack and Microsoft Teams, Twist lets you create channels where the conversations are arranged accordingly. Once the channels are made, there are threads within different topics that help keep the conversations focused, and It’ll be easy to come back to later.

Flock app
Screenshot of Flock’s website

5. Flock

Another team messaging application, Flock, has recently become more well-known. This app offers unlimited team members and the option of one-to-one messaging. Apart from that, it also has the features of built-in polls, reminders, and notes and is integrated with other business tools such as Google Drive, Twitter, etc.

Discord app
Screenshot of Discord’s website

6. Discord

If you’re a gamer, then the perfect application for you would be to use Discord. In this, you can send voice and text messages to a group chat or privately on various text channels. It also has the feature of a voice channel that allows always-on phone calls where you can speak to your teammates.

RingCentral chat
Screenshot of RingCentral’s website

7. RingCentral

RingCentral contains features of video conferences and messages that you can utilize to communicate with your team. It is a free app with a limit of 100 participants and allows you to record your meetings. Apart from all that, it also comes with a file-sharing option and in-built task tracking so that you can keep up with what your employees are doing.

There are numerous applications available for free that can be beneficial for you and your team members to create a structured way of communication. The key to success is teamwork, so go ahead and select which app would suit your company the best and make the most out of it.