Top 7 Free Invoicing Platforms for Startups

Digital Invoice Document On Tablet Or Laptop

Accounting can be difficult for many startups because of budget limitations. This is why you may require software to help you with invoicing. If so, worry no more. Below are the top seven free invoicing platforms for startups.

Wave accounting
Screenshot of Wave Accounting’s website

1. Wave

Wave is the best free invoicing platform on the market because of its extensive features. You can use it to track your expenses and income. Besides that, the platform also offers other bookkeeping benefits.

Another thing about Wave is that it offers valuable accounting reports to help you manage your finances. You can also use Wave for multiple credit card connections.

PayPal invoicing
Screenshot of PayPal Invoicing’s page on PayPal’s website

2. PayPal

PayPal is one of the top platforms to make custom invoices. The platform helps you do this by offering various templates. You can create the invoice and send it for free using PayPal.

The key feature of this platform is that it allows you to send the invoice for free. However, it does charge a small fee once you get paid. The top thing to remember is that the fee is minimal and will not affect your overall profit.

Invoice Ninja
Screenshot of Invoice Ninja’s website

3. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an excellent free invoicing platform for startups. The best thing about this software is that it is cloud-based. So, you will never lose data when using the platform.

The free plan offers you access to unlimited invoices, quotes, 40 payment gateways, and much more. You can also use it for tracking the finances of 50 clients for free. The platform offers auto-billing options in the free plan too.

Zoho Invoice
Screenshot of Zoho Invoice’s webpage on Zoho’s website

4. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is free online software that helps you manage your finances easily. The best thing about this platform is that it allows you to send 1,000 invoices every year for free. This is why it is one of the top solutions for early startups.

Another excellent feature of Zoho Invoice is its compatibility with phones. You can send invoices using a desktop or through the Zoho Invoice mobile app. You also get access to multiple templates for ease of use.

ZipBooks invoicing
Screenshot of ZipBook’s website

5. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is an advanced platform that can help you with finance management. It comes with a free starter plan that offers you access to various features. For example, you can use the platform for balance sheet reporting. Additionally, you can use it for invoices and quotes.

CloudBooks invoicing
Screenshot of CloudBooks’ website

6. CloudBooks

CloudBooks is an invoicing platform with more than 2 million subscribers. You can use it for tracking expenses, making invoices, and much more. The best part is that you can use it for free.

Invoicely invoicing
Screenshot of Invoicely’s website

7. Invoicely

Invoicely is the top platform for your startup if your needs are low and require a basic service. The program enables you to send five invoices per month for free. You can also add three clients to the platform without spending a dime.

Final Words

These are the top seven free invoicing platforms for startups. Each enables you to easily manage your business’ expenses.