The Pros and Cons of ClickUp

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ClickUp is a workforce management app designed for everyone. The company touts it as one app to replace them all. ClickUp takes the features of other applications and puts them all in one place. It allows a team to work together on projects without jumping between apps to complete jobs. Everything you need is in a single, easy-to-use app.

Working professionals need tools to help them organize their workforce and communicate with team members. Let’s imagine you use text or video messaging to communicate with your team. Then you create a document, and you use email to share the document. Then you switch to a task management tool and a time tracker. ClickUp eliminates the need for multiple applications by incorporating them all internally.

If you are a start-up company looking to streamline your work process, ClickUp might be the right tool for you.

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What are the Pros of ClickUp?

The advantages of ClickUp center around its list of features, adaptability, and low cost. Some available features are listed below.

Real-time Chat

Tag people in your group and assign action items to specific comments.

Project and Task Management

Useful for virtually any kind of project. Combines many tools that are adaptable to your needs.

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Goal Tracking

This feature allows you to track goals the way you want. Track team progress in real-time. Organize your goals for easy access and reference.

Multiple View Options

There are more than twenty views, customizable to fit your needs and desired aesthetic.

Internal Documents

Whiteboards and dashboards are available to help track your progress. Internal document creation allows you to share information quickly and easily.


Supports importing work from most external sources. Or create a custom import to transfer information from an unsupported application.

Syncing Capability

If there’s an application you want to keep using, ClickUp can synchronize your work between apps.


Choose from a long list of automations to simplify your work and save time.

How Does Click up Compare to Its Competitors?

There are many apps designed for workforce and project management. So how does ClickUp compare to its competitors? Let’s look at three of the top apps currently on the market for working professionals.


This is a project management application similar to ClickUp, but without some of the key features. There is no internal chat space. ClickUp also offers unlimited users, while Monday does not. And the task management and document creation tools outshine Monday’s more simplistic offerings.


While the ClickUp design is supposed to be simple to learn and use by everyone, Jira can be a bit more complicated. ClickUp is more customizable and has a more user-friendly interface. Jira uses a three-tier payment structure and requires the user to pay for most of its features. ClickUp has a long list of features available to users for free.


Trello lacks many of the features that ClickUp offers, like internal documents, embedded email, and internal chat. And for the lack of features available, it is significantly more expensive. They also lack 24/7 support for users. ClickUp offers more features at a lower cost, including many of which are free forever.

If you want to see more about how ClickUp compares to the competition, you can go to their website and see a side-by-side comparison. It’s a handy tool for those weighing the options or considering a switch.

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How much does it cost?

Most comparable workforce management applications cost money. If they offer anything for free, it’s on a trial basis. ClickUp has many features available to users for free.

Free Forever

The free forever tier offers a large variety of features available to anyone. You get 100 MB of storage, unlimited members, collaborative docs, real-time chat, internal email, time tracking, and more. You also have access to 24/7 support and advanced security features.

Unlimited – $5/month

The unlimited tier offers so much more for only five dollars a month. If you have a small team, this would be a great choice. Get unlimited storage, integrations, dashboards, charts, and custom fields. You can set up teams, goals, portfolios, and more. There is also a feature allowing you to barter on the price. Tell them the size of your team and how much you are willing to pay each month and make an offer!

Business – $12/month

If you have a larger team to manage, consider the business tier at a mere twelve dollars a month. This payment tier offers users more advanced and customizable versions of the same features available at the lower subscription levels. Get an unlimited number of teams and custom automations.

Business Plus – $19/month

For the largest teams or multiple teams, consider the Business Plus plan. This tier is the best option if you need the most features at a competitive price. It offers personalized admin training and custom role creation. You also get priority support. All for less than twenty dollars a month.


The Enterprise tier is designed for users with many large teams to manage. Access services available only at this level and get your own designated customer success manager to help you navigate the ins and outs. Contact the ClickUp sales department for pricing information.

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Calendar with statuses in ClickUp / Photo courtesy of ClickUp

What Are the Cons of ClickUp?

Most users offer great reviews of this workforce management tool. But sometimes, its large number of internal tools and customizations may overwhelm new users. Sometimes less is more. This can be the case when trying to streamline your workforce. If you are looking to save time and energy, you may not want to spend hours setting up all the available customizations one at a time.

There is also some debate about how well the systems offered in the ClickUp app function. Some users report problems with the importing, or difficulties using the time-line task manager. Again, this may be because ClickUp offers so many customizations and automations. There may be a steep learning curve.

The upside of these customer complaints is that ClickUp offers a new update or feature every week. They are constantly streamlining the operations and fixing bugs in the system. They listen to their customers and make changes according to the feedback.

Is ClickUp Right for Me?

So how do you decide if ClickUp is the right workforce management tool for you? Take the time to examine your needs and the needs of your business. The great thing about ClickUp is that they offer such a wide range of subscriptions and levels of support. The free plan gives you many tools without overwhelming you with complex features you may not need. But if you want more from your workforce management tool, ClickUp allows you to level up your service without breaking the bank.