The Practice of Self-Love in Entrepreneurship

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We currently live in a world where everyone’s actions are constantly monitored via the internet. Anything that anyone does, posts, or says is observed, and then critiqued, regardless of context. The Information Age leaves no room for silence, as everyone can give their opinion, regardless of whether it is warranted or not. When it comes to running a business, people always have something to say. This can be difficult because some people choose to create their businesses to escape from constant scrutiny. One of the reasons people choose entrepreneurship is to have control over their own lives, without having anyone to answer to, according to This form of self-love stems from people who dealt with undesirable work conditions in the past. Self-love as an entrepreneur is important because if you do not think highly of yourself, how can you expect other people to feel that way about your business?

Self-love is a concept that some people take for granted, as it is not taught in schools but rather within yourself. There are many gurus and life coaches out there that can provide insight, but some may think to themselves, “how am I able to learn self-love from someone else when it is such a personal quest?” With the help of a self-love expert, Dr. Tania Medina, we have a few tools that can help you achieve self-love, which can also help entrepreneurs gain confidence in their own businesses.

Dr. Tania Medina: Self-Love Expert

Dr. Tania Medina is a plastic surgeon and life coach specializing in self-love when her patients come in for consultations. Dr. Medina is from the Dominican Republic, and she chose her occupation based on her struggles with self-love. Dr. Medina stated that when she was younger, she struggled with shyness due to her physique. Her lack of self-love made her afraid to open up to people and even go to public places such as the beach. To bring her self-esteem up, Dr. Medina made a deal with her mom that she would pay for her to have the plastic surgery that she wanted after she graduated with honors. And, at the age of 18, Dr. Medina got her plastic surgery, which inspired her to help others on their journey to self-love as a plastic surgeon. Before doing any procedure for anyone, Dr. Medina explains that her process is to do a psychological screening beforehand to evaluate each patient’s self-confidence. Her explanation for this process is that she wants people to feel secure with themselves even before their plastic surgery because at the end of the day, “you have to assert yourself so everybody will treat you the way that you treat yourself.”

How Does Self-Love Help Entrepreneurs?

The process of self-love deals with how you assert yourself in every aspect of your life. One of the main hurdles to achieving self-love is self-criticism, which is prevalent in the work field, especially for entrepreneurs. In an article about the way self-love boosts work morale by Forbes discussed the neuroscientific way that self-compassion, resilience, and success are linked. Experts have found that showing ourselves self-love can expand our cognition while boosting our moods and achievement levels, especially in the world place. That means that entrepreneurs can see better progress in their work by choosing self-love as their main method of care. The best ways for entrepreneurs to practice self-love that can be valuable to work is laid out in an article by HuffPost. The article lists about 50 self-love practices, but we will narrow down the most useful practices for entrepreneurs. It suggests that you organize your workspace, dress in nice clothing, repeat a self-affirming mantra, limit procrastination, learn to say ‘no,’ and take time to rest and relax. While there are many ways to practice self-love, and even ways you might act on already, these are just a few for some starters.

Dr. Medina’s Philosophies

Dr. Medina believes in self-acceptance first and foremost, then choosing to change yourself afterward. To achieve that, she created a list of five tools that she tells her clientele to achieve self-love.

Eliminate self-judgment

This tool, according to Dr. Medina, is knowing yourself. This means you know what you like and don’t like while also eliminating judgment about yourself. Eliminating self-judgment has great impacts, which are laid out by Habits for Wellbeing. Self-judgement hinders people from increasing self-worth. If you tell yourself that you are not worthy, you are stunted in that phase, and, as a result, you cannot give love to others because you are not giving love to yourself. For entrepreneurs, if you do not feel worthy, you cannot expect your business to flourish. Take the time to choose honest, understanding feelings and watch everything around you thrive.

Understand who you are

After eliminating judgment, Dr. Medina says that understanding who you are means accepting the things you like and how you want to be. Self-understanding and self-acceptance enable people to open themselves up to self-care, which leads to more positivity in life, according to Entrepreneurs can benefit from self-understanding when they are creating their business. The hardest part of entrepreneurship is figuring out where to start. So, understanding what they want to do with their business can help them create a plan and start the business easier and faster. 

Forgive yourself

The act of forgiveness is meant to restart from all the self-deprecation of the past. Furthermore, self-forgiveness allows us to learn from our mistakes and make better decisions in the future. Stanford Medicine states that forgiving yourself allows for better emotional and mental well-being, which is linked to higher levels of success, productivity, focus, and concentration. An example of this can be seen in entrepreneurs when something goes awry. When this inevitably happens, pick yourself up, forgive yourself, and move on. This way, you can move forward with hindsight and a clearer mental space which allows room for more important things. 

Be grateful

This is Dr. Medina’s favorite tool. She explains that being grateful allows the universe to repay you for your thankfulness, thus allowing room for great things to happen. Gratitude is a great tool for everyone in their endeavors because, according to Harvard Health, it can greatly increase happiness scores and optimism. In addition, when entrepreneurs express gratitude, they tend to have the same outcomes, which, according to Forbes, directly influences performance, productivity, and retention. Plus, gratitude can create a stronger relationship between managers and staff, as acknowledgment creates positivity.  

Spend time with yourself

When we are constantly working or just out in the world, it is easy to forget about the most important person in our lives – ourselves. Dr. Medina explains that self-love starts with self-care. Spending time doing things with ourselves that make ourselves happy has great impacts, especially if we can do it for extended periods (Dr. Medina’s recommendation is 21 days with time for ourselves). According to The New York Times, choosing to spend time alone is a great way to decompress without the pressure of having another human being around, according to an article by The New York Times. In addition, this vital period is a great time to build your confidence while also boosting productivity and creativity, also stated in the article. explains that entrepreneurs can benefit from alone time as a form of self-care because it boosts creativity, self-knowledge, and leadership abilities. In addition, solitude allows our brains to process without any distraction, which gives entrepreneurs an edge in the business world.

Choose Love

Dr. Tania Medina’s philosophies about self-love are great for everyone to implement in their lives, especially entrepreneurs. Self-care can go a long way, and the impacts can be bountiful as our brains adapt to new styles of positivity. Dr. Medina explains that our subconscious is like a sponge because it does not know what is or isn’t true, but consistency will make it believe whatever is being pursued upon it. As a result, entrepreneurs need to choose their words and actions carefully, impacting their business. Entrepreneurs have the weight of their business and the work needed for that business on their shoulders, so they must take the time to care for themselves and feel comfortable with themselves. Without Dr. Medina taking the time to find love within herself and accept herself, she may have never become a plastic surgeon with this platform to spread the importance of self-love too. Her story should serve as an inspiration to entrepreneurs and other high career performance people as well. Without someone telling us the importance of taking care of ourselves, we may never think to do it. We encourage you to love yourself and choose self-love in all your endeavors.

Cover Photo provided by Dr. Tania Medina.