The Foldaway Seat Cushion Focused on Comfort

Purple foldaway cushion

Traveling brings to light the many issues associated with sitting too long with little physical exertion. The ability to move freely is often reduced to just a few feet. Body pains arise in the moment with no ability to get up, stretch, and move around when necessary. At the very least, numb glutes and a sore back have plagued many. This is, in part, because of improper seat cushioning. 

Business and first-class experiences have helped redefine comfortable seating while traveling. However, not everyone can afford an absurd amount of money for such an experience. Even if you’re okay with splurging, it might not be right for you. That’s where Purple’s Foldaway Cushion excels. 

Purple foldaway cushion
Photo courtesy of Purple

Purple – yes, the well-known mattress company – has developed an easily transportable seat cushion designed to provide maximum comfort. Priced at $39, this affordable cushion uses Purple’s grid technology to provide no-pressure support, cool comfort, and long-lasting durability for up to four hours. Its easy to clean, no-slip design complete with a traveling case and handle makes it optimal to take with you wherever you go.

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