Tesla’s New Cybertruck will Transform Your Life

Tesla Cybertruck with ATV

The future has arrived and Tesla’s Cybertruck, available in 2022, has delivered. Whether you’re conscious of security or simply interested in a solid tailgating experience, this environmentally friendly play on the classic pickup truck is set to exceed expectations. From its out-of-this-world aesthetics that raise the bar between conceptual automobiles and those that meet mass production to its ability to go from zero to sixty miles per hour in 6.5 seconds, the Cybertruck offers everything you need and more. 

With performance and efficiency in mind, the Cybertruck’s exterior places durability and passenger security above all else. According to Tesla, its nearly impenetrable exoskeleton, made from “Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin” and “Tesla armor glass,” was designed for super strength and endurance. During Tesla CEO’s unveiling of the Cybertruck, a member of the tesla team forcefully struck the truck’s door with a sledgehammer, barely denting it. According to Musk, the cold-rolled stainless steel alloy used in the Cybertruck is the same stainless-steel alloy that will be used in SpaceX’s Starship rocket, pairing the truck’s space-like design with space-like performance.

Tesla’s armor glass consists of an “ultra-strong glass and polymer-layered composite” that can both absorb and redirect forces for improved damage resistance. During the unveiling event, metal balls were dropped onto panes of Tesla’s armor glass from various heights, with each drop failing to damage the glass. Although balls thrown at the glass did result in damage, Musk noted there was some additional work to be done.

Security is just the beginning. Under the tri-motor AWD version, with a possible range of over 500 miles, 100 CU FT of storage, the ability to tow over 14,000 LBS, an approach angle of 35 degrees, a departure angle of 28 degrees, and the ability to initiate Tesla’s autopilot feature, the Cybertruck has the potential to completely transform small business long-hauls. Imagine a world where small businesses that generally tow trailers, such as landscapers, auto transporters, movers, and parcel delivery services can do so more efficiently with reduced driver fatigue. Starting at $39,900 USD, the Cybertruck is game-changing.

Like most common pickups, it’s also a great option for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as tailgating and camping. Its 100 CU FT storage space makes it easy to carry an ATV or transform the bed into a full-blown outdoor kitchen. Comfortably carrying six people validates its ability to transform your next tailgating experience. From its futuristic design and security features to its spacious interior and ability to carry large loads, the Cybertruck seems like it’ll help you climb Olympus Mons in no time.

View this article in the July 2021 issue of MP.