Sweatpants or Suits: Which Work From Home Attire Suits You Best?

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How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Man getting ready in morning Andrew Neel on Pexels

What is your ideal time to start your workday?

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How many pairs of sweatpants do you own?

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Where is your at-home office?

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What is your go-to breakfast?

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What beverage do you have at your side while you work?

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How often do you take breaks while you work?

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Sweatpants or Suits: Which Work From Home Attire Suits You Best?
Classy and Professional

Attractive man in suit looks out door

You're the type of person who needs to dress to impress, even for yourself. Getting ready in the morning makes you feel confident and prepared to face any work challenges that come your way. It’s a bonus that people will turn heads at your appearance if they run into you at the grocery store.
Professional… From the Waist Up

Woman with feet on kitchen counter wears professional and unprofessional attire

You like to look professional during your mandatory Zoom meetings, but why do more than necessary? You keep it simple when getting ready, but you’d never get caught in fuzzy pajamas between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.
Comfortable but Presentable

Attractive woman wearing headphones on laptop

While you don’t like to waste time getting ready to stay home, changing out of your pajamas in the morning resets your brain and gets you into the working mindset – even if you are only changing into your work sweatpants.
Sweatpants, All the Way

Woman in sweatpants and a sweater works on laptop on sofa

So, you like to be comfortable: what’s the problem with that? No one will see you during work hours, so who’s to say you can’t prop up your pillows and work in bed. As long as the work gets done, you don’t care how you look.