Sniff Relief Self-Heating Face Mask Review

Sniff Relief on girl in bed

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Modern Professional
Photo courtesy of Sniff Relief

MP recently had the opportunity to play around with Sniff Relief, a self-heating face mask for stuffy nose and congestion. The company claims it’s the perfect solution for seasonal allergies and arrives just in time to offer much-needed comfort. We put our Sniff Relief mask to the test and the results were interesting.

We found that although we had our Sniff Relief heat up to its highest setting, it took a while and didn’t get hot enough for our liking. We also saw some benefits from the heat produced by the Sniff Relief. To feel the heat, the mask’s Velcro strap needs to be tight enough to feel the heat. Otherwise, you won’t feel much.

Its ultra-smooth material and mendable nose bridge make wearing Sniff Relief a digestible experience. However, the mendable nose bridge doesn’t secure the mask around your nose well enough to transfer the heat to your nose.

The mask must be plugged in to either an outlet or a portable power bank to be used. This is somewhat of an inconvenience because you must either plan to use the mask while immobile or spend additional money to truly enjoy its benefits.

Sniff Relief’s packaging is a nice, high-quality paperboard, featuring photos of people working while wearing their masks. In theory, this is great. In practice, however, it’s not so great. The mask makes working with it on an awkward experience due to the cloth running over your nose, between your eyes.

Although Sniff Relief has a few flaws, we still think it’s a decent product. If you suffer from light allergies and need a bit of warmth to help clear your sinuses, Sniff Relief might be able to help.

Cover photo courtesy of Sniff Relief.