Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl Pro Redefines Workplace Connectivity

Meeting Owl in conference room

Let’s face it: after making it through the last year, we could all use a little break. So, why pick a fight with outdated technology?With some employees returning to the office, others choosing to continue to work from home, and your clients working from anywhere between Dallas and Dubai, the complexities of facilitating a multi-faceted workplace environment have just increased exponentially. So how are you going to keep everyone looped in and moving forward while managing to adapt to the rapidly evolving post-pandemic workplace successfully?

The solution is simple: you need a Meeting Owl Pro. Owl Labs has made an evolutionary leap forward from its first-generation Meeting Owl to its fabulous new product. It combines both audio and video into a simple WIFI-connected device. It’s easier and more cost-effective to scale than other similarly available platforms. The Meeting Owl Pro has a superior build quality and is a more thoughtfully and attractively engineered product than its competitors. Yet somehow, they’ve made it even more practical and still managed to pack in even more great features.

Frankly, every conference nook, coding lab, or meeting room needs to get this easy-to-use productivity-enhancing tool. No kidding! The Meeting Owl Pro is just that good. It features a two-times sharper 1080p camera that sees 360° and is powered by the Owl Intelligence System™ with autofocus and Smart Zooming functionality—worried about not being heard? The Meeting Owl Pro can hear a pin drop from 18 feet away. So, what’s that mean for your business? Simple: more productivity. No lost time is missed due to misunderstandings or your clients missing all the visual social cues people depend on to work together effectively.

Meeting Owl Pro
Photo courtesy of Owl Labs.

Imagine a future where your employees won’t have to suffer the exasperating productivity lags of garbled conversations, pops, hiccups, or aggravating buffering stops. Exciting, right? Nothing but the clearest hi-res audio and video available at all times. The Owl Intelligence System™ powers a dynamic tool that can tell who is speaking at any given time and focus on that one person. And its utility and ease of use are simply astounding! Unlike the complex setups – and the headaches – that come with other devices, this is a true plug and play productivity device. No plug-n-pray, here! It just works.

It’s just so easy. Over 20,000 companies are using the Meeting Owl Pro worldwide. It’s the smartest meeting conference camera on the market today and allows for more meaningful and engaging interactions for on-site and remote partners. What’s more, it’s just so easy to use: place it, plug it, and then connect it to your existing Teams or Zoom and you’re ready to take your meetings to the next level. What a miracle – it’s like living in the not-too-distant future and, even better, that miracle comes backed up with a full two-year warranty.

You owe it to yourself and your business to look into the Meeting Owl Pro today. It’s the way of the future, and your employees and clients alike will continue to expect you to keep driving the business forward with absolutely no compromises or excuses. The Meeting Owl Pro has you covered here. Its extensible features, best-in-class cameras, pin-drop audio, Owl Intelligence System™, and plug and play ease of use will enable your teams to collaborate in an effective and meaningful way.

Cover photo courtesy of Owl Labs.

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