Lobe Love Founder Discusses Entrepreneurship and Confidence

Jenn Joyd pictured wearing Lobe Love earrings

MP recently sat down with Jenn Loyd, founder of Lobe Love, a statement earring membership service. According to Loyd, Lobe Love exists to make customer’s lives easier and more stylish and help them feel more confident every day. Loyd has created a community of women who dare to make a statement, own their statement, and raise their children to do the same. A portion of every sale of Lobe Love earrings goes to Love Society, an Arizona non-profit that donates love bags to families and children suffering from cancer, homeless, foster, and human trafficking. 

We spoke with Loyd about Lobe Love, entrepreneurship, and life. 

Jenn Joyd pictured wearing Lobe Love earrings
Lobe Love founder Jenn Loyd (Photo courtesy of Lobe Love)

MP: What’s Lobe Love, and what makes it unique?

JL: Lobe Love is an earring subscription service created to empower others with the same profound courage a pair of statement earrings gives to me. A professional stylist myself, I handpick earrings that are the perfect blend of fashionable and wearable to make accessorizing easy. 

Subscription plans are yearly or quarterly and can be canceled at any time. I believe that everyone is a beautiful force of nature, worthy of awakening to long-held dreams, and sometimes the confidence of a bold earring is what takes you there.

My background as a professional stylist is reflected in each easy-to-wear but ready-to-wow set of earrings. A Lobe Love subscription is perfect for the fashionista that loves updating accessories or someone that struggles to pull together the perfect look. Lobe Love members receive four hand-selected earrings delivered to their door each season.

At first, my collections were inspired by colors and designs that I have been drawn to, but now they are inspired by women that have joined the Lobe Love community and share their hopes, dreams, and thoughts with me. They open up and tell me how wearing the earrings makes them feel, and I am inspired to keep that feeling flowing throughout each season and the whole year. I love hearing what they want in the next collection and what they are drawn to.  

What makes these earrings special and unique? Well, they are more than just an accessory. Of course, the reason we wear them can be different, but I like to think they help us remind ourselves of our strength, our resilience, our grit, and to be bold enough to be the girl who went for it. Additionally, the earrings are winning over consumers with their bold and fashionable statements. 

Why did you start Lobe Love?

I started Lobe Love because I wanted a way to lift women and remind them of how wildly capable we are. The beginning of the pandemic was so hard (and still is) for so many, and I wanted to give people hope and positivity, even if it meant getting dressed up in cute earrings for their zoom meetings! I also started Lobe Love because I have struggled with self-doubt and fear, but that is not the story I wanted my daughters to grow up knowing. Instead, I want them to have an example of a woman who pushed past all of that and went for her dreams so they can go for theirs. 

When did you first want to follow an entrepreneurial path? 

I’ve been on an entrepreneurial path since I was little. I started making drawstring bags in high school and selling them to my friends and classmates. I’ve always felt the stir to start my own thing and create something bigger than myself. 

What’s your typical day look like, and how do you manage your work-life balance?

Each day can be a little different, but the day always starts with getting my three little ladies off to school. I like to work as much as I can while they are at school so I can give them my focus and attention when they get home. Balancing work and life is challenging, especially for working moms. It takes being highly organized at all times and understanding the art of delegation.

What are your three greatest fears as an entrepreneur, and how do you manage those fears? 

Fear of rejection

Putting your dreams out in the open can leave you vulnerable, but I know my message is bigger than my fear, and that is what I hold onto when the fear creeps back up.

Not knowing when to pivot

Being an entrepreneur is hard but so rewarding. 


Who isn’t scared of failing? I have learned, though, that failure is part of the process of success. It allows you as an entrepreneur to re-evaluate and re-focus. 

What are three obstacles you’ve faced throughout your career, and how have you overcome them? 

Being overwhelmed

When you’re running your own business, there are many hats to wear, and at times that can get overwhelming. So when I feel overwhelmed, I journal it out. A method that helps me is sitting down and writing out everything I know needs to be done. Then I prioritize them and then tackle the biggest needs first. I also look to see what I can outsource, as delegation helps hugely.

Knowing when to double down and focus

I have many dreams and ideas, but not all are viable. When my mother-in-law and mom passed away within three months of each other (right before COVID), I knew I needed to buckle down and focus on Lobe Love to create a legacy for my girls and help encourage women to follow their passions.


It takes time for the results to show. There is no such thing as ‘overnight’ success – success is a long process built on commitment and constant effort over time. When feeling despondent, I’ve had to remind myself to persevere, to keep my eye on the goal and the road ahead. 

Lobe Love Winter Collection
Lobe Love Earrings (Photo courtesy of Lobe Love)

What pieces of advice can you share with people looking to become effective leaders in their businesses, and why?  

Trust your gut!

It’s there for a reason, and when you lean into it, listen and trust it. 

Ask for help

It’s not a form of weakness. In my opinion, a great leader knows when they need help, asks for it, and moves forward. 

Give yourself grace

When you mess up or make a mistake, dwelling on it can be detrimental. Instead, give yourself grace. Lean into the mistake- unpack it and make it a learning experience. 

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful leader?

No, I believe that we all create our paths, and they look different from each other. Therefore, what works for someone else may not work for me and my priorities. 

What questions should would-be entrepreneurs ask themselves before starting a new venture and why? 

Are you willing to stick with this for 18-36 months? Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your business be. 

Do you have a good support system? There will be some dark days, and there will be days when you are riding on clouds. Having people in your corner for all of it will make the biggest difference in your journey.

Can you finance a start-up or fundraise effectively? To start and grow any business, sufficient funding is vital, and raising a start-up is never easy. 

Lobe Love Spring Collection
Lobe Love Earrings (Photo courtesy of Lobe Love)

How do you market your products, which tactics have been most successful, and why do you think this is the case?

I use social media, and I am thankful that I have Lobe Love members who love their earrings so much that they share them with their friends. Word of mouth is the greatest marketing tool I have.  It has built credibility for my brand beyond what I could have imagined!