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Jaguar Uniquely Bridges the Gap Between Gaming and Real-World Engineering

Jaguar from video game
Photo courtesy of Jaguar
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It’s one thing to develop a supercar for video games, it’s another to build a real-world version that exceeds expectations. Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations’ (SVO) team has done just that, without fail. Unveiled late 2020, the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV is the “ultimate all-electric gaming endurance racer” according to Jaguar. It’s the perfect combination of speed, aerodynamic design, and race-winning technologies. Pair that with a stunning aesthetic and it’s virtually unstoppable. 

Jaguar GTSV on track moving
Photo courtesy of Jaguar

With the ability to go from 0 to 60 in 1.65 seconds and a maximum speed of 255mph, the Vision Gran Turismo SV is nothing short of exhilarating. This is possible due to the racer’s Jaguar Formula E technology, which features four electric motors developed by Jaguar Racing. There’s more to the racer than just a stunning design and speculation as to its capabilities. According to Jaguar, Vision Gran Turismo SV is fully engineered in the virtual world with aerodynamics optimized, tested and proven using state-of-the-art simulation tools.” This adds both legitimacy and credibility to the racer’s ability to perform well on the virtual track. 

There’s no surprise here, though. Jaguar has a history of developing high-performance, aesthetically pleasing vehicles. Its vehicles designed for the racetrack and the road have shared the same foundation for many years. Incredibly aerodynamic bodies combined with world-class power, the Vision Gran Turismo SV “showcases what’s possible when the traditional boundaries governing real-world car design are completely removed,” says Julian Thomson, Design Director at Jaguar in an official press release. 

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