How To Make Your Home Office Space Work Better for You

Modern home office design

Working from home can be great, but only if you have the proper space. You might not even know what that means until you get your office set up and start working there every day. We’ll give you some proven ideas on how to make your home office more comfortable, and how a professional home office design strategy can help you figure out what kind of space will work best for your needs.

Pick the Perfect Spot

Trying to work from home can be a challenge for those who don’t have the luxury of a large, accommodating room. Designer Matthew Busscher, of Superfine Studio, says that it’s essential to specify dedicated space even if you can’t afford your dream office yet.

Busscher’s design theory states your workspace should be a space that’s entirely devoted to working, even if it’s just a corner nook in your bedroom or your seat at the kitchen table—separating this from where you relax with family and friends will condition you to focus when in that specific environment.

Keep it Clean, Stocked and Organized

You’re going to be in your home office most of the day, so it’s important to make sure you have everything stored and organized correctly. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress if you take the appropriate precautions before starting work, such as determining what kind of storage space will suit your needs best or what type of desk would be ideal for various tasks.

Mardee Handler, a content marketing consultant, has followed the ‘everything-has-a home’ rule for years. She color-codes files by client and leaves her desk clear of everything else to focus on the tasks at hand. To ensure that there’s ample room around her to move freely without knocking something over or messing up a pile of papers, Mardee doesn’t have any distractions in her office, like plants or knick-knacks.

Let the Sun Shine In

With the help of a bit of nature, you can transform your workspace into an oasis, even if it’s simply just in front of your window. Nandita Godbole, cookbook author and former botanist, has found that greenery is essential for her productivity as well. “My desk looks out into a tree, so I am never far from nature,” she explains with pride.

Bringing a little slice of nature into your home office can keep you going when work gets stressful or monotonous – some studies even say it helps with anxiety too. Even if it’s just a view of a tree from your desk, green spaces remind us there is an entire world to enjoy outside of work.

Get Comfy, But Not Too Cozy

Regardless of where your office is located, a good office chair is a must for anyone sitting at a desk all day. Choose one that’s ergonomic and supportive but not so luxurious that you drift away from the work in front of you.

According to FastCompany, it’s crucial for your comfort and productivity to have a dedicated comfy chair in the home office. They suggest adding an armchair or getting creative with some other ideas if space is limited.

Make Yourself at Home

Keeping your office personal while also ensuring it’s functional can be a tricky balance. However, by experimenting with different ideas, you’ll find the perfect combination of creativity and productivity for yourself to keep you motivated and in the work-from-home groove.