Himalayan Salt Lamps

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The entrepreneur in your life deserves the best gifts for entrepreneurs, especially if that entrepreneur might be you! In this article, you’ll find a review of one of the best gifts for female entrepreneurs, salt lamps, some details on the pros and cons of the lights, and even how to use a Himalayan salt lamp.

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is creating opportunities for yourself, and thus, having everything you need as soon as you need it. So, of course, as an entrepreneur, people want to give you stuff. But, what are the best gifts for entrepreneurs? It’s a gift that promotes healing, boosts energy, and is excellent for the environment. And when you’re buying gifts for female entrepreneurs, you want to offer something thoughtful and helpful.

Why give Himalayan salt lamps as gifts for entrepreneurs?

Great gifts for entrepreneurs have many pros and cons, but the Himalayan salt lamp sits at the top. These lamps are not only a nice statue for your desk but are also providers of halotherapy.

Suppose you’re considering gifts for female entrepreneurs. In that case, these are particularly great because they are not only thoughtful and helpful, but they’re also attractive to the eye and make an excellent piece for the office.

Not only are they attractive, but Himalayan salt lamps also offer several therapeutic benefits, including:

Increased Energy

These lamps encourage proper energy flow through your room and body to allow you to cope with stress and increase your overall well-being. How? They rid the environment of ions that block energy flow. Positive ions drain your energy, but negative ions from Himalayan salt revive the mind and body.

Natural Air Purification

A Himalayan salt lamp will attract vapor-based pollutants that can enter your home from outside. Once the vapor is in contact with the lamp, they are trapped inside and converted to water vapor. If you leave your lamp turned on for an extended period, it will remove more pollutants from your room or office. When purchasing, pay attention to reviews and materials in the lamp to understand the air purification potential.

Calm Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Are coughing, sneezing, and congestion bothering you? These are often systems created by inhaled pollutants and allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mold, and more. A salt lamp will remove these particles from the air, turn them into water vapor, and help reduce your pesky and bothersome allergy and asthma symptoms.

Decrease Electromagnetic Radiation

Think about all the electronics in an entrepreneur’s world: smartphones, computers, televisions, tablets, and more. These items emit EMR (electromagnetic radiation), and there are very few things in our environment to reduce this radiation. Constant exposure can lead to increased stress, fatigue, and decreased immune response. However, a salt lamp can help cancel out the positive ions associated with EMR.

What keeps people from giving salt lamps as gifts for entrepreneurs?

There are only a few reasons for not enjoying these salt lamps. As gifts for a female entrepreneur, you want to make sure that you understand that they can be messy. To learn more about this mess and how to handle it, read along here:

Fake Salt Crystals Exist

You must be very careful about fake salt crystals and make sure that you read reviews and purchase from reputable dealers. It can be hard to spot a counterfeit, and if you accidentally buy one – you won’t experience all the benefits. One way to know is the opacity. It’s probably fake if you can see a large and even light shining through the crystal. Also, you can tell by the prices. If it is very large and very cheap, it probably isn’t real.

They can leak water, especially if stored in a damp area.

A salt lamp can attract water when they are stored or placed in a particularly humid area. The negative ions combined with excess humidity can cause a little over leakage. Since the lamps are plugged in, you don’t want electricity and water to mix. The best thing to do is store your light in dry areas like offices, bedrooms, etc. Keep them out of bathrooms and kitchens. 

Salt is a corrosive substance.

Because the lamp intends to grab pollutants from the air and convert them to water vapor, sometimes the water vapor can be left around the lamp when it is left on for extended periods. In addition, on the table or stand, the salt can sometimes be corrosive. However, if you wash the area and wipe off any excess salt, you should be fine.

How to use a Himalayan salt lamp?

These lamps are intuitive and easy to use:

  1. When it arrives, you take it out of the box.
  2. Plug it into a wall (remember in a dryer place).
  3. A great tip is to leave the salt lamp 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Remember, the salt lamp brings in water so that you may see some excess water around the light, especially for the first few days. Just make sure that you wipe up any excess water or salt around the lamp once a day to avoid corrosion.

Also, keeping the lamp on 24/7 will keep it warm and likely evaporate away some of the water.

These lamps pull very little power, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on, and it won’t cost you a fortune on your electric bill. But, overall, understanding how to use a Himalayan salt lamp is straightforward and intuitive, making it one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs.

Tips to keep your Himalayan Sea salt lamp dry and functioning:

The first tip is to use a higher wattage of the light bulb inside the salt crystal. They will generate more heat and help evaporate more water vapor.

Don’t put your lamp in humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens; instead, they’re best in an office. Being best for the offices is one of the main reasons salt lamps are great gifts for female entrepreneurs looking for healthy, attractive office decor.

To avoid any damage to your property, get a coaster to place under your lamp, especially if you’re putting it on a wood surface. Also, make sure you understand how to use a Himalayan salt lamp. Finally, if your lamp ever gets too moist, use a lint-free cloth to wipe away any water gently.

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