What can MP Creative Group help me with?

We can help you develop and execute a campaign that has been pre-approved for publication by Modern Professional.

What kinds of assets can MP Creative Group help me with?

Feature development and writing, sponsored post writing, research study execution and writing, infographic development and creation, graphic development and creation, digital/print issue advertisement development and creation.

Does MP Creative Group work with all industries?

MP Creative Group serves every industry Modern Professional covers.

Are there costs associated with MP Creative Group's services?

Yes, costs vary by project scope, length of time, expertise, and other factors. Our rates are competitive and you get the added advantage of our in-depth understanding of our specific audience.

Does MP Creative Group accept clients?

No. MP Creative Group only helps to develop assets for businesses looking to target MP's audience.

Are MP Creative Group works guaranteed publication?

Yes, we only work with businesses who have been pre-approved for publication. Our division's work is executed to adhere to Modern Professional's strict editorial guidelines.