Breaking into the Tech Industry as an Entrepreneur

Close-up of code on a computer monitor

There are new opportunities being created every day within the tech industry, and these opportunities attach to plenty of different and traditionally non-tech industries. You are probably already in one of these industries, which include education, construction, concierge, auto, fashion, transportation, and many others. We call these crossover opportunities because you ‘cross over’ into tech from another industry.

The first step is to find an industry that is related to what you’re already doing. Entrepreneurs looking to make a crossover should know both their strengths and their weaknesses. Once you identify them, continue to build on your strengths and understand what can amplify them within the tech industry.

Social media is important, too. It plays a huge part and exposure through social media can help solidify your business as a tech company. So, make sure your social media presence is strong across all platforms. Credibility as a tech company and establishing a name in the tech industry isn’t an easy job. Showing other techies, potential investors, venture capitalists, and the public that you belong and can succeed in the tech industry will be both draining and daunting.

However, you can speed the process with proactiveness and self-validation. Teach yourself how to code. There are workshops, bootcamps, and online courses where you can learn the basics and get a certification. Make sure you have a great PR team that believes in your vision to push and spread the word for you. My company went through many different phases. Being able to cross over into the tech industry, where it’s sink or swim, requires one more critical component: networking!

Surround yourself with people who understand and believe in your vision. These days, any company can become a tech company. In fact, it’s almost inevitable. Almost everything is digital and if it isn’t, it likely will be soon. Look at Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Apple – these are all companies that either started as a tech company or crossed over to being one. The key here is evolution. You can’t stay a brick-and-mortar and expect to survive the days.