October20 , 2021

    Are You Destined To Be Your Own Boss?

    What time do you wake up in the morning?

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    When did you last read a book for fun?

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    What is your dream vacation?

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    What household chore do you secretly like?

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    What is your pet sidekick?

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    Where would you want to live?

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    What is your favorite way to wind down after work?

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    Are You Destined To Be Your Own Boss?
    CEO of WFH

    Man works from home

    You are a self-motivated go-getter who likes to do things your way, and you hate being told what to do. You have the grit to get the work done, so you’re the perfect person to be your own boss.
    Business Partners

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    While you have that entrepreneurial drive, you need a little accountability for motivation. Teaming up with a likeminded partner is the perfect option for you, as you have the freedom of working for yourself while someone is still depending on you. It’s a win-win!
    Side Hustle

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    Although you’d like to make some extra coin, the idea of waking up every day and self-motivating yourself to work sounds draining. You’d prefer to keep the stable income and treat the side hustle as a hobby, and there’s no shame in that!
    Keep it Corporate

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    It may seem glamorous to some, but the work-from-home grind isn’t for you. You want to leave the work in the office and keep your home life separate – if other people want to work all the time, that’s their problem!

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