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Why advertise with MP?

Launched in 2021, MP has quickly become the go-to place for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and high-performance career people to consume empowering and entertaining content. We are a globally distributed and syndicated publication (digital) with print issues available in US. Our digital reach extends beyond MP Online and onto world-class digital newsstands, inflight and other travel entertainment systems, and through internet-wide article syndication.

What advertising opportunities exist with MP?

MP offers the following advertising opportunities.

1. Print/digital issue advertising placements.

2. Print/digital sponsored content.*

3. MP Online sponsored content.*

* Restrictions apply. All sponsored content is subject to editorial approval and must be clearly marked as sponsored content at the time of publication.

Contact to learn more.

Is there a way to sponsor a post with labeling it as sponsored?

No, this is deceptive and misleads MP's audience. MP will not publish a sponsored post without marking it as sponsored content.

Do you offer discounts/volume ad placements?

Yes, custom packages are open to our tiered discounted rates based on ad placement volume. Contact to learn more.

Are there restrictions on the type or content of ads?

Yes, MP's editor's have the final approval but we will not publish ads that promote self-harm, hate, disparagement, or gambling or casinos. We reserve the right to reject ads related to any topic for any reason or no reason at all. Send your specific questions to to learn more.

How often does MP publish digital/print issues?

Bi-monthly. Our 2022 calendar is February, April, June, August, October, December.

Where can I request a media kit?

If you are a PR firm, you can email to express your interest and our team will be in touch. If you are a business looking to advertise, please express your interest to